About the Collaborative

Despite more than 38,000 firearm deaths and more than 115,000 injuries from firearms per year in the United States, the public and policymakers lack basic information on the causes of gun violence and how it can be prevented.

The National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research will support carefully selected, rigorous research designed to broaden agreement on the facts associated with gun policy, and support development of fair and effective policies.

Research priorities will be selected by the Research Advisory Committee, based on a review of existing science and the recommendation of gun policy researchers and stakeholders. Broadly, the collaborative will fund projects that focus on: Understanding the patterns of gun ownership and use; the benefits and harms of firearms in the United States; and evaluating policy interventions and technologies designed to reduce harms or increase the benefits of firearms use in the United States.

The collaborative is not an advocacy organization. Despite often contentious and partisan disagreement over gun policies, most people agree we need policies that will reduce gun violence, and many are interested in trustworthy information about how that could be accomplished while protecting individual’s rights. We aim to support research that will broaden agreement on the facts, and provide policymakers with the data-driven solutions and tools they need to make changes that will have a real and lasting effect on reducing gun violence.